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Objection! Dressing Room

An Ace Attorney Dressing Room RP

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Here's an OOC Comm, objectiondrooc, for all your OOC needs! We also have an OOC Chat! Runs on JavaScript, so no messaging program is necessary! Just try to keep PG-13, or use white-colored font or take it elsewhere if you must.


Say one day you opened up your closet and found it had turned into a door to a world between worlds, and in this world, there were dozens of yous, your friends, and your enemies. That's what Objection! Dressing Room is all about. But hey, guess what? It's not an actual dressing room. There's open space, and a central gathering point where everyone can just sit around and chew the fat or conspire against each other or run around like small children, or what have you. All basic needs, and some not-so-basic ones, are provided. It's all good.

How, when and if characters enter and leave the place is entirely up to their individual players. Some may come and go as they please, some may find that more difficult. Who knows?

Events: All events will be run by the mods, however, suggestions are both welcome and encouraged! Expect smaller, contained "mini-events" about once a week or two, and larger, comm-wide events about once a month or two. Mini-events will be singular instances. Big events will last up to 3.5 days real time, with mod-posts clearly indicating the start and end.

If your character is killed or injured you have two choices. Either a) suck it up, or b) have them go to the Healy Place. The Healy Place can restore any kind of damage, permanent or temporary, but the kind of care, its effectiveness and whether the character must pay some sort of "cost" is entirely up to the player of the damaged character.


1) No wank. No OOC drama. No trolling. No harassment. If something RP-related is bothering you and you can't solve it yourself, take it to the mods, and we will do our best to handle the situation.

IC != OOC. Do not confuse a character's opinions or actions for a player's. Do not use a character solely as a tool to express your personal opinions or asshattery. Just don't do it. See above.

2) Do not god mode (dictating another character's actions without permission of the player or assuming auto-success/failure in conflicts). No exceptions. If someone is god moding, STOP REPLYING IC, and either try to work it out OOCly or contact a mod.

3) There is no permadeath allowed, but the killing or other serious damage of another character will need proof of both players' consent, either by contacting the mods or by clearly stating such in OOC comments within the thread in question. Attempts to delete comments to hide previous consent will not work. If you change your mind after the fact for some reason, take it up with the other player in question. If they don't want to retcon, it's over and done with. Work with it.

4) Retconning applies to other, less serious situations as well. If you are the only one who wants to go back and change something after it's already happened, that's tough luck on your part. Work with it, and plan ahead next time. To avoid these situations, make sure you and all other players involved know what's coming up if there's a chance it could seriously impact your character in a way you're not willing to go.

5) Do not delete posts or comments, in the IC or OOC comm, unless you're fixing some mistake and reposting and no one has replied yet.

6) Keep posts of questionable or disturbing content as well as large images and YouTube vides under an LJ-cut with appropriate warning. (You could also just link to the images and videos.) If you're not sure about a post's content, ask a mod before putting it up.

7) Do not make "private" posts on the main page. If your characters need to have a private discussion, they can still do so within public posts.

8) All character types are allowed, provided they are based off of an established Ace Attorney character: AU, canon, crack, SRSBZNS, what have you. Just be warned that if your character is causing problems for another player (player, not character) you will be asked to back off/tone it down. You do not need to apply to play a character, just make the journal, join up, and start rping! Characters from other RPs are welcome. As this is a Dressing Room, multiples of any one character are not only to be expected, but encouraged! However, keep in mind that not everyone will interpret the same character the same way. If you want to receive or give help on characterization, you are welcome to do so in the OOC comm, but remember to bear in mind Rule #1!!

Crossover characters are allowed, but for the love of Pearls do not just copy and paste the personality and background of an established character from another fandom onto an Ace Attorney character. Just don't do it. Please. If we have reason to suspect you have, you will be asked to rethink and make changes to the character until it's less of a cheap ripoff. A good rule of thumb when making a crossover character is to pretend that the Ace Attorney character you plan on using is actually an OC for that universe.

All characters must be able to communicate somehow. Inanimate objects are still allowed, but they must have some way to communicate, whether through subtitles, thought bubbles, mind speech or even actually speaking. It's up to the player to come up with a way for it to respond. If this means your dead character needs to be alive, send them through the Healy Place before or during their intro.

* Rules are subject to change at any time. All changes will be reflected here and announced on the OOC comm. Now version 1.1! *

How to get yourself banned: It's quite simple, really. All you have to do is break the rules. Three strikes and you're out. One strike per rule. Yes, it's possible to get yourself banned in one fell swoop if you're a total asshat.

Breaking rules #6-8 will still result in a strike, and you will have a week to fix the problem. For all rules, failure to comply with a mod will result in another strike.

If you DON'T want to be banned just follow the rules and behave yourself. They're here for everyone's sanity. We're going to need what little we can get around here!


objectiondrmods at gmail dot com

mythicwings (I'm using this LJ because my main doesn't get email alerts.)
AIM: yearofthegum

AIM: agentsalix

AIM: justaladder
Google Talk: undeniablyuncool